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A non-writing method

Feb 20 2019
Churchyll Zavala

It still takes some last effort. Variable according to the aspects of writing that are most important to you (because your writing is important to you, right? You want to write something that remains in the annals. You want your…

The myths of the writer

Jan 18 2018
Churchyll Zavala

Premise: publishers complain a lot, sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly. Most of these complaints are addressed to writers and aspiring writers, it is natural. What I have read and heard most often is probably “the writers think that everything is due…

Ideas for Writing

Jun 14 2017
Churchyll Zavala

After having told you everything about my personal non-method (if you missed it, you can find it here), I throw myself headlong into the thorny topic of the search for ideas for writing; but this time, I ask you to…